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Personal Memorials

A unique range of silver & gold jewellery together with two stunning crystal glass memorials that are only available through the Westerleigh Group of crematoria. 

Produced under license, a small amount of your loved ones ashes are expertly incorporated into this jewellery and crystal. For more information or to see samples, please contact the crematorium staff who will be pleased to help. 

The process requires only a small amount of ashes, typically two tablespoons per item ordered and each finished piece is accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity. 

Each item is available in a range of colours. 

All of our personal memorials are made on a strictly individual basis and every possible care is taken to ensure that the ashes of your loved-one are treated with the utmost respect at all times; nothing is left to chance.

Below are a few examples of the options available – please contact the office for a full brochure.



Men's Jewellery

Paper Weight



Glass Bowl

Candle Holder