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A Testament to the Grounds

A Testament to the Grounds

by West Wiltshire Crematorium

A Testament to the Grounds

On paying a visit to Haycombe Cemetery today, Father's Day, I was very disappointed to find it looking so unkempt, particularly on such a special day of the year when visitor numbers are known to be greater.

The grass appeared not to have been cut for many weeks and the flower beds as you enter were bare.

BANES website informs that the grass is cut every two weeks at this time of year, surely this is not regular enough to maintain the grounds to a sufficient standard where people can sit and reflect and enjoy the beautiful views in peaceful surroundings.

It certainly was not enjoyable today to see all the grass so overgrown.

When grass cutting has taken place I have also noticed that it seems acceptable to leave the grass left behind by the strimmer all over the graves.

This again makes the grounds look untidy and I also feel it to be disrespectful.

Is this the result of cutbacks I ask? I have visited other cemeteries outside of BANES and the grounds have always been beautiful and immaculate, one example being West Wiltshire Crematorium in Semington.

Yes Haycombe Cemetery has won awards in the past.

But please, can you maintain these award-winning standards throughout the year and not just when the judges with clipboards are visiting!

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